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Access to the most relevant information available on emerging markets designed for academic institutions around the world.


With over two decades of expertise providing intelligence on emerging markets to academic researchers, students and librarians across the globe, EMIS University enables users to quickly navigate high volumes of content to isolate the information most pertinent to their research needs.

With reliable information from the most trusted sources in the emerging markets, students and faculties can generate informed, conclusive and thoroughly evaluated reports – in just a few clicks.



10M+ private & public company profiles and 2.5M+ with financial data including
hard-to-find company reports and
financial statements

370+ industry sectors covering news, research statistics & forecasts for industries and companies in 168+ countries
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5,600+ publications proprietary & renowned third-party coverage from the world’s macroeconomic experts and research firms
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460,000+ research reports published every year from renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world
52,000+ news stories published every day in 16 languages, with a built-in translation function
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Interactive research tools to interpret, analyse and compare the raw economic and financial data found within the database
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See the emerging markets through the widest possible lens, with information from the most trusted and renowned sources in more than 168 emerging markets.

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Explore the most relevant information available in just a few clicks – to easily collect, analyse and submit comprehensive projects.

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Your reports will be informed, conclusive and evaluated from every angle, with access to premium, trusted sources for firsthand research and news.