EMIS for Investment Professionals

Thousands of investment professionals rely on EMIS to track their portfolio of private and listed companies and to support investment decisions

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Optimise your valuations

A quick insight into a company’s history, financial stability or industry benchmarking using up-to-date data ensures you make informed, fast decisions. 


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access to private company data

EMIS coverage is focused on companies that have annual revenue higher than USD 1mn. 99% of the companies in the EMIS database are private. 

M&A DealWatch



Stay on the top of the latest M&A developments in your business area with news and alerts. EMIS DealWatch contains 167,000+ M&A and ECM deals with proprietary research and forecasts.





Improve the productivity of your research with unlimited access to a single information platform containing the best global and local sources of emerging market intelligence. Including forecasts from sources like Euromonitor, Oxford Economics or EIU.




mitigate risk

Make it easy for you to do business in often opaque emerging markets with access to premium, trusted sources for first-hand research and news.





EMIS has focused on emerging markets for more than 30 years.  Our local content teams enjoy long term relations with key local resources to ensure EMIS delivers a unique content set on more than 200 markets.

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Our focus on emerging market content means that our users get specialist insight on high potential, high risk territories where it is often difficult to find reliable information to support growth strategies.  All of this research and data is convened within a single, easy-to-use digital platform that allows to find and extract information quickly, everything you need in just one platform.



Company Profiles

 In-depth analysis of over 10 million companies and their performance, facilitated by detailed profiles. Information includes main activities, key contacts, financial performance, peer businesses and more. 


Detailed info

Detailed Financials

EMIS provides detailed financial data for over 2.5 million private companies from rapid growth markets.


M&A Transactions

EMIS covers M&A information on more than 167,000 deals in over 200 countries, combining proprietary M&A and ECM research and deal valuations. 

Industry Research

Industry Research and Analysis

Deep coverage of more than 250 industry sectors. EMIS has licensing agreements with over 1,000 of the most renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world.

Daily news

Daily news

EMIS publishes over 50,000 news articles each day, allowing users to monitor their industries and markets of interest seamlessly. 



 EMIS allows to easily set up alerts for companies, industries, and markets to keep abreast of the latest developments, with the capability to customise alerts with the latest news and rumours about investments and trends.

Data Integration

Add-In for Excel

This plug-in allows users to integrate EMIS company data directly into Excel spreadsheets and automatically refresh when desired.