EMIS for Credit Analysts

Thousands of credit analysts rely on EMIS to analyse company credit data and financial statements to reduce risk, and prepare credit risk reports that involve extending credit or lending money.

Dashboard- Company Profile

Optimise your valuations

Access to comprehensive profiles of more than 10 M+ private and public emerging market companies, and to benchmark and financial score tools to make informed decisions.

Benchmark score

access powerful analytic tools

Get a comprehensive risk analysis of a company. With EMIS you can quickly compare companies within their sector, benchmark key financials stats, access to credit quota and companies trend scores.

Credit Analysts


Quickly measure and score individual credit risks on a company-by-company basis, creating limits to help protect your business over time.


Simplify credit limits

Assign credit limits simply flexible credit modeling. Use your own custom models or our standard calculations

Our focus on emerging market content means that our users get specialist insight on high potential, high risk territories where it is often difficult to find reliable information to support growth strategies.  All of this research and data is convened within a single, easy-to-use digital platform that allows to find and extract information quickly, everything you need in just one platform.


Detailed info

Company Profiles

With EMIS you can assess individual credit risks on a company-by-company basis. In-depth analysis of over 10 million companies and their performance, facilitated by detailed profiles. Information includes main activities, key contacts, financial performance, peer businesses and more.


Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis

Data and analysis to support evaluation of creditworthiness of emerging market businesses.  EMIS offers benchmark and finance scores tools, businesses can be compared and ranked within their sector to help users make informed decisions.



Daily news

EMIS publishes over 50,000 news articles each day, allowing users to monitor their industries and markets of interest seamlessly. EMIS aggregates 450+ newswires to monitor business and individuals for any adverse news that may flag them as a risk.


Specialised Tools

EMIS provides powerful tools to help your research and to stay on top of new developments: EMIS Credit Analytical Tools, Company Screener, Smart Screener (custom and downloadable databases), Company Matching or EMIS Alerts.


Trustworthy Sources

EMIS has an expert Quality Assurance Team dedicated to ensure the quality of our data and content. EMIS licenses the most authoritative sources of  information in each country and industry that it covers.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Access to EMIS content within your established compliance processes thanks to our API & Excel-Add-in. Smooth and integrated user experiences offering up-to-date information on emerging markets.