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Thousands of market intelligence & strategist planning professionals rely on EMIS to monitor and analyse their business environment, keep track of competition and spot business opportunities


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EMIS Reports


Access to niche content and reports on an ad-hoc basis can be an undesirable expense for corporations. EMIS is a multi-sector, multi-country research platform.

The EMIS platform presents a one-stop-shop for industry reports, with over 450,000 published each year plus a database of over 10 million companies.

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Assure the quality of your research

Make prompt business decisions from an insider’s perspective with intelligence from global and local leading providers, all in one platform.

Some of the top information providers sourced on our platform include Mordor Intelligence, IHS Markit, Frost & Sullivan, Oxford Economics, the Economist Intelligence Unit. Euromonitor, BIS Research, Fitch Solutions and many more.

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Monitor and analyse industry trends, scan the market to identify businesses to partner with and sell to.

Our deep industry and country data allows you to identify expansion opportunities for new products and operations in new geographies.


EMIS alerts


Stay up to date with what your competition is doing and find out how you and they are being reported in those countries.

The EMIS platform sends alerts based on events affecting companies of interest for your business or target market

Our focus on emerging market content means that our users get specialist insight on high potential, high risk territories where it is often difficult to find reliable information to support growth strategies.  All of this research and data is convened within a single, easy-to-use digital platform that allows to find and extract information quickly, everything you need in just one platform.



Industry Research and Analysis

Deep coverage and functionality for more than 370 industry sectors. EMIS has licensing agreements with over 4,500 of the most renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world.


Industry Statistics and Forecast

Access reports, news, statistics, forecasts and much more from both emerging and developed markets


Company Profiles

In-depth analysis of over 10.5 million companies and their performance, facilitated by detailed profiles. Information includes main activities, key contacts, financial performance, peer businesses and more.


Credit Analysis

Data and analysis to support evaluation of creditworthiness of emerging market businesses.


M&A Data

EMIS covers M&A information on more than 173,000 deals in over 197 markets, combining proprietary M&A and ECM research and deal valuations. 


Daily news

EMIS publishes over 40,000 news articles each day, allowing users to monitor their industries and markets of interest seamlessly. EMIS licenses the most authoritative sources of news information in each country and industry that it covers.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Access to EMIS content within your established compliance processes thanks to our API & Add-in for Excel. Smooth and integrated user experiences offering up-to-date information on emerging markets.