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EMIS is the source of choice for professors, students and librarians to access the most relevant archived, indexed and searchable information with easy-to-use tools to help them broaden their research capabilities while saving time and increasing efficiency.

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Look at the emerging markets from an insider’s point of view, with information provided by renowned local and global sources in 200 markets. Get in-depth understanding of companies and their industry.



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Enables users to quickly navigate high volumes of content to isolate the information most pertinent to their research needs, in a single platform.

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Explore the most relevant information available in just a few clicks – to easily collect, analyse and submit comprehensive projects.


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With reliable information from the most trusted sources in the emerging markets, students and faculties can generate informed, conclusive and thoroughly evaluated reports.

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Our focus on emerging market content means that our users get specialist insight on high potential, high risk territories where it is often difficult to find reliable information to support growth strategies.  All of this research and data is convened within a single, easy-to-use digital platform that allows to find and extract information quickly, everything you need in just one platform.



Company Profiles

 In-depth analysis of over 10 million companies and their performance, facilitated by detailed profiles. Information includes main activities, key contacts, financial performance, peer businesses and more.



Industry Research and Analysis

Deep coverage and functionality for more than 370 industry sectors. As well as proprietary research, EMIS has licensing agreements with over 1,000 of the most renowned global and local publishers of industry-related content around the world.



EMIS publishes over 50,000 news articles each day, allowing users to monitor their industries and markets of interest seamlessly.


M&A Data

EMIS covers M&A information on more than 167,000 deals in 200 markets, combining proprietary M&A and ECM research and deal valuations. 


Trustworthy Sources

Over 2,000 trustworthy global and local sources, in just one platform. EMIS licenses the most authoritative sources of  information in each country and industry that it covers. 


Specialised Tools

EMIS provides powerful tools to help your research and to stay on top of new developments.