What our customers say

For more than three decades, our customers have relied on EMIS to gather deep, fresh and relevant intelligence for emerging markets




Market Intelligence & Strategic Planning

Market Intelligence & Strategic Planning teams rely on EMIS to efficiently monitor and analyse industry trends and competitive landscape, to identify growth opportunities



"EMIS acts as our strategic partner, supporting us in our research of industries, industry trends, technology, demand generation, with a huge variety of renowned sources, coverage of different target industries and reliable information."

Adler Carvalho - Market Intelligence

Celulose Irani

"The best about EMIS is that we can get all the information we need in one easy-to-use platform, that support us in our decision making."

Fábio Ambiel - Market Intelligence


"Our challenge is to provide information to Tigre group units across 10 countries. To address this challenge, we needed to understand the market in each country and map reliable sources and locations in each geography. That's why we partnered with EMIS. EMIS provides local news, sector reports, macroeconomic data, and more, allowing us to monitor each country's local economy and our markets of interest."

Felipe Mesquita - Market Intelligence Specialist

 Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership (STEP)


M&A & Investment

M&A & Investment professionals rely on EMIS to uncover and screen business opportunities in emerging markets by providing detailed and reliable industry, company and deals intelligence through a single platform aided by analytical tools.

Santander Polska


Credit & Risk

Credit & Risk analysts rely on EMIS to analyse company credit data and financial statements to reduce risk, and prepare credit risk reports that involve extending credit or lending money.

Allianz Trade Brazil

"Considering the challenges we face as an insurance company in helping clients on their decision making, having partners with expertise and reliable information makes a big difference, and EMIS is one of those partners for us"

Felipe Tanus - Risk Director

Euler Hermnes


Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing professionals rely on EMIS to identify their total addressable market and prioritise the most profitable opportunities enabling an effective sales process. 


"EMIS is a fundamental tool to develop new business with our clients."

Pedro Fernández - Vicepresident of Innovation & sector intelligence


"We use the EMIS database when we need to identify potential customers, or to supplement our information with company data. Thanks to the screener tool, we can easily create a list of entities of interest, with a great deal of detail."

Adam Zohry- Executive Manager



EMIS helps both corporate and academic researchers in accessing the most relevant archived, indexed and searchable information to broad their research capabilities while saving time and increasing efficiency.




SP Jain Institute

Lazarski University

“Anyone studying economics, among other subjects, will certainly find the data and information from the EMIS and CEIC economic services useful. These are very extensive and advanced tools, but at the same time, with a few clicks, allow you to generate reports and your own analyses with graphical visualisations." 

Dr Anita Zarzycka, Professor



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