Access actionable business insights generated by EMIS AI

EMIS utilises artificial intelligence and big data machine learning models to transform unstructured content into actionable insights

EMIS is at the forefront of leveraging Machine Learning and AI to enrich and curate data and enhance content discoverability. Our in-house machine learning models and AI solutions are trained to analyse massive volumes of data in different languages from diverse sources, recognise patterns, and extract valuable insights that offer our clients easy access to structured insights.

By combining these technologies with our data resources, we provide our clients with actionable insights to make informed decisions, seize opportunities, monitor events and industries, and stay ahead in ever-evolving markets.


Through our Machine Learning and AI-driven approach, EMIS empowers users to access accurate and timely information to navigate the complexities of emerging markets with confidence.


Driving efficiency THROUGH data Curation

At EMIS, we aggregate and enrich millions of documents each year by using hundreds of machine learning models for data annotation. We map stories and reports to relevant metadata and specific data ontology, additionally, we geo-tag or extract entities from text documents to facilitate data discovery.  This approach of machine learning-driven content classification ensures that users receive accurate, up-to-date, content, saving them valuable time and effort in sourcing and analysing data from various sources manually.


facilitating data discovery

EMIS' machine learning-powered search solution enhances data discoverability by providing users with comprehensive and precise search results. The platform leverages machine learning algorithms to understand user queries, analyse their intent, and offer relevant search suggestions. This intelligent search capability ensures that users can find the information they need efficiently, even when dealing with vast and complex datasets.



IDENTIFYING Trending topics

Our Text Analytics Solutions utilise machine learning algorithms to perform daily scans of EMIS news sources. These algorithms are designed to identify and analyse trending topics and signals within industry and country-specific content, allowing us to detect patterns and identify trending topics that are relevant to your business: key signals, industry trends or major macroeconomic events.