Access actionable business insights generated by EMIS AI

EMIS utilises award winning artificial intelligence and big data machine learning models to transform unstructured content into actionable insights

As the leader provider of emerging markets intelligence, EMIS offers a vast database of content from diverse global and local sources, as well as proprietary research. The application of our in-house machine learning models allows us to offer our clients easy access to structure insights to help them make informed decisions.


Our in-built AI and Machine Learning capability helps to optimise EMIS' content discoverability and UI experience. Our users can identify and extract relevant insights quickly and efficiently to solve their information needs.

EMIS AI User Cases

monitor events &  industries 

EMIS' machine learning models allow you to set up alerts on 370 industries, 45 topics and over 200 countries. Stay up-to-date with your industry or topic of interest.




EMIS offers emerging markets news in 16 languages. To facilitate information in local languages to a global audience, we translate all news into English with automated translation engine. Once this is done we categorized the content accordingly for an easy content discoverability. 

Our users get the latest and most relevant content from our large and diverse database in one place. 

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keep up to date with trending topics

Our in-house machine learning models allow to performed topic clustering. Grouping news into the latest trending topics helps users to analyse and engage with content on the current topics.

EMIS News Topic Clustering Project won the international Success of the Year 2020 award from the Taxonomy Bootcamp London Conference as the industry pioneer in implementing this technology.