EMIS Add-in for Excel

Feed EMIS’ company data directly into your Excel spreadsheets. EMIS Add-in for Excel allows you to select and ingest exactly the data you need into your own reports and to update them whenever you need using your own or EMIS’ predefined templates

EMIS Add-in for Excel allows to populate and update your spreadsheets with company and financial data on more than 10 million public and private companies in emerging markets. Building financial models typically entails hours of basic research and tedious data entry. Now, you can use the EMIS Add-in for Excel to complete your work in a fraction of the time, creating much more dynamic financial models and building them faster. EMIS Add-in for Excel is available as part of EMIS Professional.



Search for specific financial data points and refresh data on-demand to help your company analysis and monitoring.

Add formulas to your existing spreadsheets, build your own templates to retrieve EMIS company data or benefit from using one of EMIS predefined templates.

Excel Add-in 2



Build customised company lists to conduct peer analysis. Filter and select multiple companies in the EMIS Database and export them to Excel. Refresh data on-demand and keep your data up-to-date directly on your spreadsheets.

Access EMIS predefined templates to help your company benchmarking.

Excel Add-in 1


Select companies and financial data points based on your parameters to build multi-sector company lists directly on your Excel templates or in EMIS predefined templates.

Refresh and edit datapoints on-demand to help your analysis. Create your reports and presentations directly in Excel.


Excel Add-in 2 (2)

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