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Indonesia Economy in a Snapshot is a quarterly publication, designed to provide a comprehensive, albeit concise overview of current economic and financial developments.

The report covers the four main macroeconomic sectors (Real, Monetary & Financial, Fiscal and External), presenting commentary and charts on a broad range of topics that include: 

  • Comprehensive overview of current economic and financial developments
  • Covers Real, Monetary & Financial, Fiscal and External macroeconomic sectors
  • Insights Indonesia's plans to open up private and foreign capital in certain sectors


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Indonesia Economic Snapshot Q2 2019 Report


Indonesia reported a 5.1% GDP growth in the first quarter of 2019, a result which mirrored the country’s economic performance in Q1 2018 and was slightly below the 2018 average of 5.2%. Exports declined for the first time since Q3 2016, dropping by 2.1%.

On the other hand, government consumption growth increased to 5.2%, while household expenditure growth remained almost unchanged at 5%. GDP performance, however, is still far from re-elected President Widodo’s target of 7% growth.

Indonesia recorded the smallest fiscal deficit in six years, despite financial markets uncertainty and currency depreciation due to capital outflows.

The consolidated budget deficit in 2018 was 1.75% of nominal GDP, narrower than the government's original plan of 2.2% and far below the 3% threshold set by law

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