EMIS API and Data Feed solutions

A smooth and integrated user experience offering relevant and up-to-date information for those who track the world’s emerging markets.


At EMIS, we have a proven track record in providing our clients with access to the emerging market information they need as and when they need it. We are able to do this either through sophisticated API solutions that allow dynamic search and retrieval from our database or by providing regular, customised and secure feeds of client-defined data sets.


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News and reports

Our API capability allows you to easily incorporate the latest news and reports from thousands of sources into your platform. EMIS incorporates premium local and global newspapers and periodicals from across emerging markets.

  • 40,000+ news articles published every day
  • 5,600+ news publications
  • Full-text articles

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company data-1


We offer unrivalled access to data on more than 10 million public and private companies in emerging markets.

  • Standardised financial information for each company
  • Company profiles
  • Industry classification, key executives, number of employees, etc.

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M&A (1)-1

M&A Data

Access to EMIS’ vast database of mergers and acquisitions data. Includes information about the companies and legal advisors involved and the financial parameters of the deal.

  • 167,000+ M&A and ECM deals
  • 10,000+ deals added in the past 12 months
  • Information on financial and legal advisors

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Business Development – data enhancement

We work with corporations who need data to round out the information they have for prospects and customers.

We help them to populate their CRMs with information such as latest financials, ownership, affiliate companies and employee size so that they can develop well researched and better targeted relationships with current and prospective clients.


Business Development – prospecting

Another way we support business development teams is in identifying new business prospects.

Utilising access to our companies API, our clients are able to pinpoint new business targets who meet whatever criteria they have set (e.g. turnover or number of employees). They can also be alerted whenever a new company enters that specified group.


Compliance and risk

We support the client on-boarding and monitoring activities of organisations through our company and news APIs and feeds.

Our clients are able to assess the risk of doing business through access to company financial data and adverse news. They can pull our data into their own platforms as they need it, saving time and resources previously devoted to research of multiple sources.


Media reputation

Some of our clients need access to a wide range of news sources in order to monitor how their brand is being represented in the media around the world.

We provide them with access to our news API that allows them to pull content from over 3,000 news publications via their intranet based on pre-set keywords at one click of a mouse.


Sector monitoring

Many of our customers – notably professional services firms- are keen to monitor events and developments in the industry sectors on which they advise or operate.

Typically, we provide them with access to industry-related news and analysis that can be accessed by anyone within the organisation via their intranet.


Transfer Pricing

Our clients often need financial information for the transfer pricing analysis that they need to submit to their local tax authority.

Using our company financial data API, they are able to retrieve ratio data such as profit margins and the financials of peer companies. We ensure that their data is always up-to-date and can be automatically fed into the report they are required to provide.